Engagement Sessions

Whether you've never thought about an engagement session before, or you've been scouring the internet finding juusstttt the right poses, I've gotcha covered!

So, what should you expect out of your session? While, first of all, it's a wonderful way to get to know you and your fiancé prior to your wedding day... a bit of 'breaking the ice' so that we are all good friends and comfy together before the big day arrives. I like to keep these fun and relaxed. No pressure. Seriously. You two be you, and I'lll make sure to capture it all in the best way possible!


Let me know your thoughts on a location, or I can make some recommendations myself, and then I'll meet you there. Feel free to bring a change of clothes if you like to switch things up a bit. You'd be amazed at how a different outfit and some fancy camera work can make it look like we spent two separate days together! We'll chat briefly and then I'll casually take you around to several different locations in the area, stopping for a few minutes in each spot to grab a few shots. No biggie. Nice and simple. :)


Nervous in front of a camera? Don't be. I've been doing this long enough that you'll quickly forget I'm even taking pictures. I do my best to not pose you too much, but rather give you direction and let things happen naturally. It's the same way I approach wedding photography and feel that it captures a much more realistic version of the day's events. I want you to remember what you were truly feeling at this moment in your relationship...not how awkward the position you're currently holding your arm in is!  

And honestly that's about it! Once we're done I'll send you on your way and begin the magic of sorting through and editing all of the pictures. In about two weeks I'll send you a link to a personalized gallery where you can view and download all of your photos from.

While the Venus and Mars packages include a 1 hour engagement session, I additionally offer a stand alone 2 hour session which includes two separate locations if needed.

Any other questions? That's what I'm here for! Feel free to contact me at any point and ask away!

Marsley Photography is based in Tampa Bay, Florida and available worldwide.

Specializing in Wedding, Engagement, and Special Event Photography.

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