Hey! I'm Jon!

First off, thanks so much for somehow winding up here. You have a bazillion choices for photographers, and apparently I did something right to get you here. Hooray!
So, since you asked... you could say I was born with a camera in my hand as the son of a photography instructor. I grew up in western New York as the son of two high school teachers that eventually retired to Florida. I gave in and followed, and eventually followed my dreams.
Why photography? I love it. Seriously. I live for the perfect shot.  When a bride sees a photo and tells me she didn't even know I was there for that... Getting the hell out of people's way and still capturing the moment, thus earning my nickname as the 'photo ninja.' You hired me to document your day, not dictate it. Right!?
Honestly, I just want to make you happy and relaxed. This is your moment and I'm thankful to be a part of it. 

Marsley Photography is based in Tampa Bay, Florida and available worldwide.

Specializing in Wedding, Engagement, and Special Event Photography.

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